Information Technology

The Master’s level requests the validation of 300 ECTS credits after having succeeded in exams scheduled in B1, B2, B3, M1 and M2 + Thesis and oral presentation. Courses will be delivered in English. If a student decides to exit after M1, this corresponds to the acquisition of 240 ECTS credits and the student will be awarded with a Bachelor of Science with Honours certificate.

November 2019
MSc in Computer Science Engineering MSc in Computer Science Engineering

To be admitted into M1, the candidate must have a degree level Bac+3 (3 years of Tertiary education) such as a License, Bachelor or equivalent foreign qualification, or obtain a validation from the admission committee of SIU that he has completed three years of a graduate degree or an equivalent degree or foreign qualification.


It is extremely rare that a candidate be directly admitted into an M2 course and is in fact not recommended. 


The Tuition fee is Euro 6,100 per year.

Year 4  - Master of Science 2 (MSc 1)

4AIT Artificial Intelligence - Logic Programming
4AWS Amazon Web Services Clound Computing Architecture
4BCP Enterprise data backup
4BIS Business Intelligence Fundamentals
4DOC Docker
4ENG English Language
4EXL Excellence Project & Contribution for SUPINFO (option)
4INT Full-Time Internship
4IPS Inter-personal Skills
4JVA Java EE - Enterprise Programming
4KUB Kubernetes
4KWS Knowledge Sharing
4LAW IT Law - Personal Data Protection
4LIF School's Life (option)
4MET Agile Project Management with Scrum
4MGT Finance and Accounting
4OFF Microsoft Office 365
4OPR Microsoft On Premises
4PJT Project
4PTI Part-Time Internship (option)
4SEC Cybersecurity and PAM (Privilege Access Management)
4SPA Specialization A (option)
4SPB Specialization B (option)
 4SYS Virtualized user
4VTZ Deploying VMware vSphere


Year 5  - Master of Science 2 (MSc 2)

5BCP Disaster Recovery Planning - Ensuring Business Continuity
5BIS BI Solutions
5DAT Big Data Fundamentals
5EMI Emotional Intelligence - Achieving Leadership Success
5ENG English Language
5EPS Digital Entrepreneurship
5ERP ERP Solutions
5EXL Excellence Project & Contribution for SUPINFO (option)
5INT Full-Time Internship
5KWS Knowledge Sharing
5LAW IT Law - IT Contract Law
5LIF School's Life (option)
5MDD Master's Degree Dissertation
5MET COBIT (c) 5 Foundation Training
5MGT IT Management 5 - IT Performance  
5ORC Datawarehouse
5PTI Part Time Internship (option)
 5SPA Specialization A (option)
5SPB Specialization B (option)
5TGF Preparing for TOGAF Accreditation